Sierra Nevada 7 Passes Tour

July 11-14, 2024


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4 Day Sierra Nevada 7 Passes Ride |JULY 11-14, 2024

4 Day Ride to the Sierra Nevadas and the magnificent passes it has to offer. This is by far the the most anticipated ride in California

European Motorcycle Tour

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Sierra Nevada 7 Passes Ride

Riding a motorcycle through the Sonora Pass in the Sierra Nevadas is an experience that transcends the ordinary. As you navigate the winding roads that snake through the rugged terrain, every twist and turn brings a new breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The air is crisp and clean, carrying the scent of pine and wildflowers.

The Sonora Pass, located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, offers motorcyclists a thrilling journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in the United States. As you climb higher and higher, the temperature drops and the landscape changes, with alpine meadows giving way to rocky slopes and towering peaks.

Reaching the summit of the pass is a moment of triumph, both for the incredible scenery and the sense of accomplishment that comes with conquering such a challenging road. At the very top, there stands a sign marking the Sonora Pass, a perfect spot to pause and take it all in.

Pulling over to the side of the road, you dismount your motorcycle and approach the sign, framed by majestic mountains and a clear blue sky. With the wind tousling your hair and the sun warming your face, you take out your phone and capture the moment with a selfie.

In the photograph, you stand proudly beside the Sonora Pass sign, a testament to your adventure and the natural beauty that surrounds you. It’s a memory you’ll cherish forever, a snapshot of a journey that stirred your soul and left you in awe of the wonders of the world. As you continue your ride through the Sierra Nevadas, you carry with you not only the image captured in your selfie but also the exhilaration of the open road and the promise of new adventures waiting just around the bend.


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Julito A.

March, 2022

“Nothing but Smiles for Miles for GOAT Moto Tours and our trip to the 2022 Ensenada Beer Fest. One fee included our 2 night stay at the best, most secure hotel in Central Ensenada; Dinner AND Drinks; and Beer Fest Tickets.”

Saeed M.

November, 2023

The 2023 Moto Tour to Loreto Mexico was amazing. Everything was organized. Henry knows every single spot in the path. Highly recommended.

Eric S.

April, 2023

Henry attends to every little detail associated with his tours. Safety minded and oh the food is devine. Fun adventures and fun excursions. We’ll be attending many more! Highly recommend!

Christopher W.

November, 2022

“A fantastic trip all around! This was my first visit to Ensanada and what better way to go than on a motorcycle! Trip was virtually all inclusive which really negated the need to try and figure dinner plans and places to go. A great way to enjoy the local culture and enjoy the food. I really look forward to the next adventure! Thanks Goat Moto Tours!”

Rafael C.

March, 2022

Henry did a wonderful job organizing this trip to the Ensenada Beer Fest. I will definitely go back next year.”

Mat S.

March, 2023

I’d like to thank Goat Moto Tours and Henry Salari for arranging a wonderful trip with a wonderful group of people. We had such a blast that we are already planning to go back on our own, very soon!

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